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About us

Charming little store from the outside, and pretty damn cute inside.
Behind the doors of this gorgeous store, old meets new and everything goes.
You will find walls filled with reindeer horns, flying ducks, framed embroidery,
other portraits and a timeless feel of kitch but cool charm.You will also find an abundance of lovely one-of-a-kind reworked vintage dresses,pretty blouses, shorts, sheer skirts, imported vintage bags, jewellery, thepopular vintage lace up boots, artisan locally made shoes,accessories, bric-a-brac and other retro finds.
Babette has expanded the store to include a range of other clothing lines
from local designers as well as vintage inspired imports.
With two qualified fashion designers in charge of the business,
you can be sure to see the latest trends in store.
and now online !